Fox Model 660 Bassoon - Red Maple

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Thick wall bassoons are known their bigger and more resonant sound. The model 660 is voiced for use around A:442. This provides a more open tone quality compared to lower pitched models. It also provides a sense of greater flexibility to the player.

The demand for power by modern orchestras prompted the introduction in 1991 of the model 601 and in 1992 of the model 660. These models feature thicker walls than earlier designs. This results in longer, larger, more resonant tone holes, and a tone quality that is bigger, yet slightly less concentrated than the standard walls of the long and short bore models. They are somewhat more work to play compared to standard wall models, but deliver more power when pushed, yet can easily handle soft attacks.

The model 660 is the shorter version and is pitched slightly higher with a more open tone quality. It was designed and developed under the supervision of Alan Fox, in conjunction with prominent bassoonists in major symphony orchestras. Like all Fox bassoons, it features freedom of response, intonation, tonal quality, and projection that will satisfy the requirements of the most discriminating performers.

  • All wood naturally aged and processed in our own facilities. Natural rubber linings in the wing and small bore of the boot joint. Choice of German (white) bell ring or French (metal) bell ring. Corked Tenons.
  • Special resonant finish in light mahogany with flamed tiger striping. Ebony finish available on request. Silver plated keys and trim.
  • Nickel silver key parts, hinges, and machined parts. Full German system with high D and E keys. Right hand whisper key lock. Rollers on F, A(flat), E(flat) and D(flat). Metal tubes extending into the bore in the finger holes of the wing and boot joints to prevent water from entering the tone holes. Spring posts are locked with screws.
  • Tuning Basis: A:442.
  • Each bassoon is tuned individually to a modified just scale, with ample flexibility to accommodate the most demanding requirements.
  • 2 professional bocals included. Unless otherwise requested, the standard bocals will include #2 and #3 lengths, *CVC* bore, silver plated.
  • Deluxe round corned case with case cover, neck strap, wooden crutch, silk swab and seat strap.
  • Within one year, the instrument may be returned to the factory for fine tuning, acoustical adjustment, and mechanical servicing, with costs limited to freight and parts.

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