Toca ABMD8 Black Mamba 8" African Rope Tension Djembe

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The Toca African Djembe is hand-carved from environmentally friendly Balinese mahogany, felled from special replenished forests and subject to regular government inspection. Once fashioned into the familiar shape and hollowed out, the Toca African Djembe is treated with up to 20 coats of teak oil, which penetrates, protects and preserves the wood. It is only after this complete preparation that the unique satin black and contrasting folkloric graphics are applied. Specially selected natural goatskin heads, treated with black dye, are seated and traditional tensioning systems are fitted. Each Toca African Djembe is hand strung with durable Alpine rope that features braided cores, meaning stretching is kept to a bare minimum.

The 10" through 13" djembes come with a professional padded bag featuring tough shoulder straps, a hip belt and exterior accessory pouches. In addition, each includes a padded Djembe Hat to complete protective coverage, and a silver sunscreen to prevent heat buildup.

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