Fox Renard Artist Model 220 Bassoon

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Mechanically identical to the Renard model 240 bassoon. The tonal warmth and scale of the long bore gives a good choice between the 240 and the 220. The secure performance and superior intonation of the long bore design will provide excellent performance for advancing school bassoonists.

Introduced in 1972, the Renard 220 (long bore) can be identified by a very warm "round" tone, evenly balanced with excellent intonation throughout the entire range. It is the most secure design and its tone quality fits well into both chamber music and orchestral ensembles.

Like all of the long bore designs, it features an intonation guarantee that makes it very popular with students and schools.

  • Black Maple, long bore, selected for tone and durability, naturally aged in our own facilities. Linings in the wing joint and small bore of the boot joint. French bell (metal ring) is standard. Body Lock.
  • Finish: Acrylic Enamel
  • Nickel silver keys with silver plating. Full German system with additional high D and high E keys. Ring key for wing joint third finger hole. Rollers on F, A(flat), E(flat) D(flat); right thumb B(flat) and F(sharp) in combination with a crowned E key. B(flat) guard. Metal tubes extending into the bore in the finger holes of the wing and boot joints to prevent water from entering the tone holes. Spring posts locked with screws.
  • Tuning Basis: A:440. Individually hand tuned for maximum resonance and projection.
  • 2 professional bocals included. Unless otherwise requested, the standard bocals will include #2 and #3 lengths, *CVX* bore, silver plated.
  • Premium artist case with case cover, neck strap, crutch, two drop swabs, seat strapWithin one year, the instrument may be returned to the factory for fine tuning, acoustical adjustment, and mechanical servicing, with costs limited to freight and parts.

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