Remo Skyndeep D2 Crimplock Symmetry Calfskin 11.75" Conga Head

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Remo's new Crimplock Symmetry, Type 4 conga drumheads now fit more conga drum models from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Traditionally, drums like the conga, bongos and djembes have drum heads made with animal skins. These have worked very well for many hundreds of years and are still used on many drums. With 50 years of drumhead technologies, Remo's Synthetic Drumheads for World Percussion instruments have proven to be a Sound Choice. With three film types to choose from, Remo will help you get the sound you're looking for.

Skyndeep is the graphic infusion of pigment into a polyester surface making it uniquely attractive while maintaining the integrity of a great sounding drumhead. These weather resistant drumheads produce warm tones, and increase sound volume and projection in any environment.

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