Remo PP0690BA Drumhead Gig Pack

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This Remo Drumhead Gig Pack includes a 22" Powerstroke 3 Bass Drum Head, 14" Coated Ambassador Tom Head, and an 14" Ambassador Hazy Concert Snare Side Resonant Drumhead. The Clear Powerstroke 3 features a thin underlay at the outer edge of the head to subtly dampen unwanted overtones. This creates a near perfect balance of response and tone control that has quickly made Powerstroke 3 one of Remo's most preferred drumheads. The Coated Ambassador heads are medium weight heads made with a coated single ply 10mm Mylar film to produce a warm open, bright, and resonant sound with a warm attack. Coated Ambassador heads are the standard of the industry for both live and recording situations.

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