Windy City All-Aluminum Tenor Trombone Straight Mute

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This mute is free-blowing in all registers and is suitable for any playing style. Provides a sound that is muted, brillilant and distinct. Fits all Tenor Trombone Bells.

Windy City Mutes is proud to introduce to the music industry our line of premium-quality trombone mutes.

Like our trumpet mutes, these professionally-designed mutes are hand-spun in our own plant from proprietary alloys of aluminum, copper and brass. Rigid quality control is maintained. Consistent metal thickness throughout the body of the mute is carefully held, assuring the most precise level of intonation and response. These mutes are free-blowing, play in tune in all registers and are suitable for any venue.

As with all our mutes, the highest grade cork is used, providing lasting durability; and felt caps are featured to prevent scratching the instrument. A special type of rubber is used on the cup mutes to eliminate vibration.

We are confident trombonists of every persuation will agree that WINDY CITY'S lineup of trombone mutes is truly a force for good sounds in the music industry and a welcome addition to the field of mutes.

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