Bradley's Music Rule - The Ultimate Tool for Every Musician

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With each Music Rule you get a full list of the most often used chords and a syllabus of 39 scales, modes and cultural voicings, easily seen in any key, to help inspire you to play more unique leads and write more eclectic compositions. You also get simple to understand instructions, with easy to play chord progressions for Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz and Country and a handy carrying case. Made of durable plastic, it should last a lifetime. Take it to class, the studio or rehearsal: no matter where you are, it's there to help.

The Music Rule is easy to use and understand. It's a great aid for teaching or learning any instrument, a handy transposer, a quick reference tool and an improviser's and composer's dream.

Whether you’re learning your first instrument or you’re an advanced student, teacher, lead or rhythm player of any instrument or style, THE MUSIC RULE will give you an edge and help make your musical dreams come true. 

Jam like a monster, make your solos cooler, have fun with music… be inspired! Find a unique scale to make your leads sing, invert chords in a snap, easily transpose, place it on a piano and play today, use it to make learning easier and so much more. A great tool for musicians: from their first lesson to the studio and beyond.


There has never before been a tool that presents the difficulties of music in such an easy to understand manner. Because THE MUSIC RULE deals with such a broad spectrum of music it can be used for any instrument at any level of expertise, from beginners to university level students to professional musicians, songwriters and students.

THE MUSIC RULE is intended to be used as a supplemental tool to help any musician visualize and explain chords, scales, interval relationships, composition and the theoretical concepts that dictate our musical choices and feelings.


  • Chords
  • Scales
  • Modes
  • Transposition
  • Notation
  • Intervals
  • Cultural Voicings

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