Tune-Bot TBS001 Studio Drum Tuner w/ Case - Black

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The innovative Tune-Bot Studio measures actual sonic frequencies, giving a true indication of a drum’s pitch. Thus it allows the drummer to tune musically instead of mechanically. With the Tune-Bot Studio, drummers can quickly and easily achieve the same musical accuracy that guitarists have enjoyed for years.

The Tune-Bot Studio offers a wide a variety of tuning options. You can use it to get a drum ͞"in tune with itself͟" ...to tune any drum to a specific desired pitch...or to get an entire drumkit in tune using specific intervals. And once the perfect tuning of a kit has been achieved, the Tune-Bot Studio can memorize the setting for each drum, so that that same tuning can be recalled and re-established the next time the kit is played. This is especially useful for drumhead changes.

The Tune-Bot Studio can be used with drums on or off the kit—with specific functional features tailored to each situation. It’s compact and lightweight, with a rubberized black finish and an efficient clamp system for a sturdy grip on a drum rim. It comes in a plastic case that’s rugged enough for any hardware case.

  • Quickly tune to frequency or notes
  • Difference & Filter modes for fine-tuning, high-pitch range
  • Store/Recall 5 kits with 10 drums/kit
  • Rugged hard-plastic case

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